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9. Obligations / Liability of a User The customer / user of Quadraweb Web Development & Software Engineering Private Company website www.quadraweb.tv is required to use the site in accordance with the law and these terms. Accepts and pledges that it will not use the online store of the company for sending, publishing and transmitting audiovisual material in any form of content that is illegal and as such violates applicable Greek and Community legislation and its provisions. Sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or transmitting in other ways of content such as inside, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of a business relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements of content that violates any patent, trademark, copyright or proprietary rights of third parties as well as content deliberately or unintentionally designed to cause malfunction and disruption of this commonly-used site which contains viruses is a criminal offense and is explicitly and categorically prohibited on the company's website. Visiting and signing transactions through the company's online store must be exclusively for personal / private use and for legitimate purposes and always in accordance with these terms and conditions of use. The customer / user accepts and undertakes not to perform any actions or omissions that may cause damage and lead to malfunctioning of the company's e-shop by affecting or compromising the services provided by it and causing unlawful insult and damage to the company. We recommend that you comply with the basic security rules for online transactions and regularly change your personal password by avoiding the use of same and easily crawled passwords. Ownership of all audiovisual material sold remains with the Company until full and full repayment of the price and any additional costs and expenses that may be borne by the customer (transport costs, taxes, duties, customs clearance). After delivery of the products sold, the risk of damage or destruction and loss is automatically transferred from the company to the customer / buyer. The customer / buyer must check the products when they are received at the time of order delivery, the condition of the products and the intact packaging in order to identify any defects created during transportation. Finally, it is forbidden to use the e-shop by minors or by persons lacking legal capacity. For our professional clients, the ability to change their billing address is not possible through the e-shop's website except by contacting our customer service department at 2103005254 (local billing) or via e-mail to our e-mail address info @ quadraweb.gr

10.Cancel / Modify Order Before completing your order online, you can modify the quantity of products or remove one or all of the products you have placed in your cart by clicking on Edit Basket displayed in your cart and indicates the option to remove or modify them. If you have completed your order and have not yet been sent to you, you can contact our customer service department at 2103005254 (local billing) or contact us by e-mail at our info@quadraweb.gr and our authorized partner will immediately take over the cancellation. In case your order has already been invoiced and sent to the destination of your choice, no cancellation is possible.

11. Any dispute arising out of this User Agreement will be settled by the courts of Athens (excluding any other jurisdiction even in common).